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        ABOUT US
        關于我們/About us

        龍口市黃城金卓機械加工廠坐落在風景秀麗的海濱城市-龍口市,東臨蓬萊機場 ,南距青島230公里,東北與天津、大連、秦皇島以及朝鮮半島隔海相望,交通十分便利。經過數十年的奮斗,我公司已成為柴油機油泵供油角度自動提前器及柱塞出油閥偶件的專業生產企業。企業以質量第一,顧客要求至上的原則開展經營活動??煽康馁|量,優質的售后服務是我公司的經營特點。企業遵守“與時俱進”的原則,嚴格管理、積極開展以顧客為中心的技術研發和市場開拓。


        Longkou City Huangcheng JINZHUO Machinery Processing Factory is located in the scenic coastal city of Longkou City, east of Penglai Airport, 230 kilometers south of Qingdao, northeast of Tianjin, Dalian, Qinhuangdao and Korean Peninsula across the sea, the transportation is very convenient. After decades of hard work, our company has become a professional manufacturer of diesel oil pump oil supply angle automatic advancer and plunger oil outlet valve coupler.Enterprises carry out business activities on the principle of quality first and customer requirements first. Reliable quality and excellent after-sales service are the operating characteristics of our company. The company abides by the principle of "advancing with the times", strictly manages and actively carries out customer-centric technology research and development and market development.
        The company's products have the characteristics of good applicability, low fuel consumption and high power, which can meet the needs of related models on the market. With the rapid development of diesel engines, China's environmental awareness and awareness have increased, and various methods have been used to reduce fuel consumption, reduce smoke, and reduce emissions. Make it meet the future environmental requirements. The products of our company are exported to all parts of the country, the market share continues to expand, and the high quality and low price products are trusted by consumers.